Friday, January 20, 2012

helecopter ride

In July, I happened to be 9 months pregnant so I decided against a helecopter ride even though I really wanted to ride! Grandpa Don and Grandma Suzie set up a time for the family to ride in the helecopter. The pilot is related. The kids had a lot of fun. They flew over Lava, the Lava farm and over our house and the farm. They had a great time. I hope he comes back this summer so I can go for a ride!

Mr. Preston

This summer on the way home from Blackfoot we had some Tahoe troubles. Between Blackfoot and Fort Hall the Tahoe spuddered and quit. Luckily my dad came to the rescue and pulled us to Fort Hall. I called Jake and he got some tools and a part to see if we could fix the problem. Jake met us in Fort Hall and we got the Tahoe running and Made it 1/4 mile before the Lava turn. Jake toed me to Shane's Repair and we had us a new fuel pump put in. While in Fort Hall, Preston was trying to help his dad fix the car.
He kinda likes his listtle sis. He loved to take his nap or fall asleep at night by her. It was precious. Then at 6 weeks Little Sis started getting colicy so it was over with laying by her.
For Prestons birthday he picked out his new bike. He learned how to ride a bike without training wheeles this summer at Grammi's house. The bike he had was a little 12" and I bought at a yard sale so this new one is nice a shiney. It is a little big but it should be perfect for next summer.
We found this 4 wheeler on KSL. Having a little trouble getting it to work really well, doesn't go fast! He was having a pushing contest with his dad. Preston couldn't stop laughing. 

For Prestons birthday we made a cake made to look like a field. We had a fall wheat field, a stubble patch, and grain to be cut. Then we had to have a rock picking wheeler and a little deer coming to eat some fall wheat. Turned out pretty good. 
One of Prestons favorite things is to ride the 4 wheeler. He loves to drive. This was the first snowfall back in November. They had fun being pulled in the sled behind the wheeler. 

Miss Kinley

 This pose should tell you a little about Kinley. She loves to be in the spotlight and to be the boss! You can usually catch her with her headphones on dancing around the house. We had fun taking these pictures for her birthday but the light didn't turn out as good as last year.
 This is Kinleys preschool graduation. They sang us some song and they made the hats. She had fun with her preschool class and most of the kids are in her Kindergarden class.
 This is Jeremy Evans from the Utah Jazz. He did a Jr. Jazz camp in Soda again this year. He is a pretty good dunker! We got to meet him last year too and is fun watching him on tv since we got to meet him!
 There was a circus that came to Blackfoot this year. It was held on one of the weeks that we were in Blackfoot for an OB appointment. Kinley and Paisley wanted to ride the camel. They also rode on some ponys. This was thier first circus.

Kinley was in dance last year and this is from summer. She was excited to be in the parade. Kinley is still dancing around the house and creating dances that she can teach her friends but she is doing tumbling class rather than dance class now. 

Kinley usually loves her sis, unless she is crying.

 Kenadee asked Kinley to ride in the EISF parade with her. Shilo was driving his semi. They had fun.
 Kinley started Kindergarden this September. All but one of her really good friends are in her class. Her teacher is Mrs. Sweet. She has started reading really good but says she gets a little board.

This is on Kinleys 6th birthday. She wanted butterfly cakes. She also ended up having 3 parties! Spoiled

Kin and KJ

This is Kenedee and Kinley before the Roberts moved to Washington. We got to go eat lunch with them. They kids had so much fun and there was more giggles than eating but on this occasion it was ok. We all got iPads for Christmas so the girls spends hours on Facetime talking, dancing, playing Barbies and most of all giggling!


At about 8 months.
Allyson Paige Ozburn born July 29 weighing in at 10 lbs. 12 oz. 21 inches long 

 First tractor ride

 Watching herself in the mirror
Don't you love her eyes in this picture!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monter Trucks

The kids 1st monster truck show. They stayed up til 11:30...til the end. They loved it!

25 Weeks

Here is the little one at 25 weeks. Not sure if it is a little brother or little sister, we are going to be surprised!